Saturday, January 07, 2006

this day is MINE!

You ever wake up feeling like that? Like you wanna just shout to the Heavens, "This Day is MINE!" (ina good way, not a whiney way...) I woke at 6am, determined to start my walking program today, only to see it was too dark outside still. Greg doesn't not want me walking in the dark (safety first, safety always as Jonathan is fond of that from a commercial or something?) Anyway, I was soooo psyched. I was READY to start walking! But I just rolled over and went back to sleep...

but I am awake now and looking out my bedroom french doors. The day has the slightest chill, but this sunshine is FABULOUS. I feel like the day is just laid out before me with limitless potential. I already have the dirty dishes washing, laundry is going, now I am getting outta here!! Heading to Target, which I love and miss dearly.

I came to a serious realization about fitness yesterday....why we fail, why we abandon our resolutions to be healthier (no matter how important it is). We take on too much at once! Who among you isn't doing too much? I mean, come on! Most of us are housewives {born multi-taskers}, who spend our days in a stumbling haze of picking up the same toys 300X times! All the while cooking dinner, helping with homework, doing laundry...Now, I am not saying we should be lazy. I just talking about FITNESS. This past week, I have faced down my cravings and I am proud to say I am winning (so far!). But this next week, I introduce into my plans that evil EXERCISE....

I consulted several personal trainers and more websites that you can imagine. It's optimal to exercise 4 times per week. I am thinking "FOUR TIMES??! I don't even get to go to the bathroom by myself!" But that's the old thinking: ADAPT is what I am going to do. Greg and I worked out a schedule where I'll work out twice during the week and both weekend days.

The key here (FOR ME) has been to deal with the food first then THINK about the exercise. It's helped. I don't feel overwhelmed and scared that I will ultimately fail. But man, it's hard to beat cravings.....I have rid my house of 97% of the leftover holiday candy and crap. I went and bought healthy snacks that taste good. I asked the guy at Giant "if I get home and don't like the way they taste, can I bring them back?" and he said far I have picked yummy stuff. I"ll share my yummies with you here if you would like....

Now, I am off to do my daily LO.....and then some sit-ups. Nice combination there, eh?
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