Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday morning

In response to an anonymous e-mail I rec'd, my life is not always perfect. This person said I only write about the good stuff, and none of the crap. Well, first of all that's because my life is a good place to be. I KNOW THAT and I try to focus on this. In my blog, I make an attempt to be a more positive person and focus on the good. Bad stuff happens to me. Frequently. My life is odd. It doesn't make sense to anyone who lives outside of my house. I am just shocked someone cared enough to send me mail. I often wonder if anyone is reading....

Life is SUPPOSED to be returning to whatever I call "normal". Maybe I should say typical...Greg went back to work and the kids go back to school. But as I write this, Jonathan is fooling around and I would bet he's gonna miss his bus. This might seem like a small thing: to miss the bus. But to Jonathan, it's a HUGE deal.....I am just crossing my fingers that he makes it to the end of our street before the bus does. If he misses the bus, he will stand there on the corner, fussing and cussing. It won't take much for it to go bad....

I am terribly excited. It's Tuesday and it's my night for stamping!! off to start a great day.....which will include a much-needed trip to the library. I keep a shelf in my living room, strictly for library books and it's bare. THAT never happens here....but with the holidays and all. I have 12 books that are waiting for me to pick up. One I am particularly intersted in is a book about the psychology of eating (why we eat the way we do). In an effort to be healthier, I am examining my family's eating habits from all angles...People don't just eat what you stick in front of them, we all choose foods and I want to know why I am choosing certain foods....I am determined to do something about this. I even bought new running shoes! (I won't run, maybe the occasional jog, but will definitely go walking.) No one do anything about this but ME. It's all on me.

Micaela just woke up and crawled into my lap so my blog time is over. Gotta go snuggle with my girl. She ever so subtly reminded me that we forgot to make "pup-cakes" yesterday......A little nag, she is. I have no idea where she gets it from! Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

Suzanne - you need to tell me the title of that eating book! It would definitely shed some light here on my picky child (Hannah) and my eat everything in sight kid (Scotty) as well as us.

Anonymous said...

hey girl,
i want the name of that book too. maybe it would explain why i HAVE to have icecream to feel satisfied.
i cant believe you got a nasty email. some people like to live negatively. have a good day.