Tuesday, January 03, 2006

WAY cool!

I was feeling very growley earlier, I will admit. I have since gotten over the mishap with SS and that order I made. I am gonna find that book locally, if I can....

I was reading Donna Downey's blog today. She's the author of three awesome scrapbooking books (Photo Decor, Decorative Journals, and another one). I sent in a comment and she wrote back! An e-mail from THE Donna Downey...that is so cool! It's definitely a virtual brush with greatness. Her work is exceptional, she's very talented....

Now, I am off to cook dinner (spaghetti) now (at 3:33pm) so I can have the whole evening in my craft room. I am wearing my new running shoes (breaking them in) and smiling. I resisted chocolate today AND I ate a sensible lunch (a bowl of MultiGrain cheerios and an apple).

"It all starts with ME"....it's my new motto. Posted by Picasa

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