Tuesday, January 17, 2006


went to the library today. I decided to get back in the groove with Adam's homeschooling. I have REALLY slacked off. Dozens of reasons, but they felt more like excuses, so after talking with my husband, we're back on track.

I decided to go to the LIBRARY to homeschool him. Something about being surrounded by books helps a person (me) feel more studious, ya know? Well, we started from the beginning of our lessons, literally (Letter A, NUmber 1, shapes, blah blah blah.....)

So we purposely picks a seat AWAY from the children's area. I seated us back where the magazines are located. Two gentlemen were quietly reading and they did not look thrilled that a rambunctious 3 year was joining their quiet space. But we mushed on....after we got going on the lessons, one of the men asked me "how old is that boy? and why are you making hom study?" I looked at him over the rim of a woodworking magazine, told him, "he is three, almost four.. I am homeschooling him because he's smart and I want him to be as smart as he can be. I am not forcing him. He loves to learn."

Adam has had enough of someone being his voice, living with his big sister for long enough. He spoke up and told the man, rather shyly that he does puzzles.....The man didn't look all that impressed, but he changed his tune when I told him that Adam was currently working on a puzzles with 100 pieces....(Spiderman, of course.)

He said his grandkids are woefully behind. One is 9 and still can't read. Breaks my heart....I told him that HE could teach him....he's said he'd think about it.....

Well, I am off to hold next week's lesson plan books..... Posted by Picasa

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