Friday, January 13, 2006



I wanted to share one last duck picture for the day..... The ducks were less than thrilled when we ran out of food...There were even MORE to come looking a few minutes later but in this one shot, I bet there are 20 ducks around my boy......

It's been a good day. I bought my QK alphabet from an amazing shop. You guys have to buy from Sherrie. Not only is she super-nice, but her customer servie is just that: service for the CUSTOMER! Her shop can be found at and be prepared to be happy! Her prices are GREAT!! I know I'll be buying from her again and again. When I told her what a hurry I was in for my order, she is shipping it ASAP. God bless her!!

I actually watched the news today. I never watch the news....I READ IT ONLINE. I am too busy to sit still for an hour to watch a taling head gimme the goods....but I saw those dreadful fires in Oklahoma. How awful....I hope that my OK friends are okay. Being a scrapper, stamper and a fragile x family, I know people from all over......New friends, old friends....

Well, I am off to con my kids into storytime then an early bedtime. I want Advil and my pillow....I am pooped.....Tomorrow morning I am getting up at the crack of dawn and scrapping by myself with no one but a cranky cat to annoy me...... Posted by Picasa

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