Thursday, February 16, 2006

death by sinus

Can you die from sinus pain? Probably...I suppose you can die from any pain.
This day has been the WORST thus far.
I thought it was going away. Yesterday, although not fun was better.
Today was HORRIBLE. I can hardly stand up,it hurts so bad. Being in the sunshine was excruiating.....Oh did I mention, I have a MIGRAINE on top of a sinus infection?

Add to that a VERY cranky 5 year old (who says she will die without Papa John's pizza),
a 3 year old who wants nothing but tangerines,
and a 17 year old whose violent outburst at school cost him a pair of glasses,
and you've got my day.

Everyone who called me today said the same thing "Are you mad at me? What's wrong?"
You guys are soooooo sweet, but I HAVE A FREAKING MONSTRUOUSLY BAD HEADACHE!!"
I am not in a bad mood. I am IN PAIN.

Afer all children are safely in bed and guaranteed asleep, I am going to drug myself into sinus pain-free existence....No Olympics tonight.

No more blog until I feel something like a human.....pray it's soon......I am off to Papa John's now....I am praying that I don't hit anyone on the road. I am bleary eyed with pain..... Posted by Picasa

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