Wednesday, February 15, 2006

did I mention?

in my rush to get away from the computer, I forgot to mention that...........


It's not been delivered yet (Hurry up, UPS!) but I have already dowloaded the iTunes latest version to my computer and I am READY! Of course, I won't even be able to USE it when it arrives. I have to buy the dock and the lanyard headphones separately....(that's where they get ya!) An Apple rep happened to be at Target the other day and told me that's how Apple is lowering the prices, that they now have removed any and all accessories from the purchase. You have to buy ut all separately.....Hmm... DON'T CARE.....I am tickled pink. (which it's not the pink one-no longer available- but he did get me the pink cover)...

he loves me.....he really does......(and I am not saying that just because he bought me a portable $200+ radio....)
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That's pretty cool, you know?