Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I am working this morning on 35-50 invitations to various ladies at my church. We have a small (rarely cohesive) group of ladies who scrap and I'm trying to get them all together. Easier said than done. So I am taking a more personalized approach. Making all of them a card. This is one of the cards....simple, strealined, no frills. I think it looks too Valentine's-ish, but I am going with it.......

I am determined to scrap tonight. Greg left town today. I already miss him, which is silly if you think about it because if he were in town, he'd be at work...but he seems further away. Dorky, I know......but I wanna get some seroious scrapbooking done while he's gone (and not just for Ebay!)

Adam is not well. He has a fever, slept from 630pm to 1030am this morning, Woke up ravenous and has parked himself on his sister's bean bag chair in the living room, vegging on "Jurrasic Park" dvd....(he doesn't have nightmares but his sister does.)

So I gotta get back in there. He likes to snuggle during movies. I love that! Posted by Picasa

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