Thursday, February 16, 2006

Life with an artist

First of all, GOD BLESS pharmacies!
For the first time today, I am not in agony. Got some new sinus meds while I was out getting Papa John's pizza. I feel HUMAN (and definitely not so bitchy). Micaela, ever so sweetly, told me tonight that she expects me to be nicer tomorrow.....

To make me feel better, she dew me MANY drawings. She loves to draw and create. If she finds a scrap of paper, she'll either make a card or a tonight I share with you what it's like to live with an artist...This is my new bulletin board that is on my basement door. My kitchen is NOT that blue. I have been futzing around with my new PhotoShop Elements, learning all about's a cool program.

My kids, all of them, love art. In fact, Jonathan's art might be on display at the upcoming International Fragile X conference. That is in the works. They better get him while he's cheap! Posted by Picasa

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