Wednesday, February 08, 2006

McDonald's in the news

I know that MANY people eat McD's...I can't stand eating there, it literally makes me ill....I wanted to share this though..

McDonald’s fries just got fatter
New test detects one-third more trans fats than previously thought Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

After spending 6 months with Burger King and the bowling alley (with the occasional jaunt to Würzburg for Taco Bell)...oh and Popeye's chicken, I'd be happy to eat those "fatter" fries. Someone just told me yesterday that the BK off post is much better than on. Who knew? I'm certainly NOT going to spend a few bucks more (due to euro exchange) to go off post and eat the same garbage as on post...oh, and have to PAY 25 cents PER packet of ketchup! There is a McD's off post, too, but have yet to venture there as it's always crazy on the weekends, and I don't go there during the week!