Thursday, February 02, 2006

the meaning of a picture

latent-Present and accessible in the unconscious mind but not consciously expressed.

I love this picture. I held the camera down at the side of my leg and just snapped this while walking by (I used Greg's camera, my spare, a Fuji FinePix, I think it's 5 MP, very light, I prefer my REAL camera).....

It makes me realize that there are obvious meanings in a picture. Like a birthday celebration, you're OBVIOUSLY noting the milestone of a birthday. But in this picture, there is so much latent content. The delight in Adam's actions, his watchful daddy in the background. Will Adam remember this moment? Highly unlikely, but he'll remember the feeling when he sees the picture, a recorded memory.

I like picture that tell me things that are not so obvious.
I like depth.
I like messages.
I like these moments.... Posted by Picasa

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