Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my desk

Before I get any scrapping done tonight,
I have to clean the train wreck that is my desk..
I have GREAT intentions of cleanliness. Really I do. My scrap space is so dismal, it's hard for me to keep it clean (and spider-free)....

Notice the new Studio K 8.5 x 11 scrapbook? Just got it today at Hancock Fabrics. Went in looking for cork and came out with $35 worth of scrap stuff....They had everything scrap related 50% off. So essentially I got $70 worth of stuff for $35.00.....I had to cut into my ScrapBowl savings....I have a certain amount set aside for stuff I wanna buy at the ScrapBowl (in ten days!!) and I just blew $35.00 of it...Gonna have to EBay some more.....

The striped purse scrapbook is a Valentine's gift for Micaela. She'll LOVE it....(Presently, she's all INSANELY EXCITED about Groundhog Day....) Posted by Picasa

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