Sunday, February 19, 2006

oh yeah!!

Easter is coming.
While it is a sacred holy day, there is Easter candies to be considered. These were already on sale, on Valentine's Day. In a hurry, Mr. Retailer?

I bought them. It's my one obligatory package. I ate 3 whole bunnies worth. The kids' mowed the rest. I could hear them in the other room, "bite his ear off!!"

I have already started planning our Easter lessons, to include the true meaning of Easter.

Still, I love those Peeps! Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

Have you seen the new "decorate your own peep eggs"? They have them here at the commissary - suprprise, surprise, surprise!

Have you ever used resurrection eggs to teach about Easter? Hannah has a blue one that is strung on a piece of yarn...when she opens it she always says "Jesus is alive - the tube is empty!" (supposed to represent the TOMB, lol)