Saturday, February 18, 2006

that girl

She's so impish.
And so much fun.

I love having a daughter.

She sat in the living room after bedtime, and we watched "Cast Away" on ABC. I rarely watch network TV. Usually when I watch TV, it's an "L&O" re-run (much to my husband's dismay)....but I got suckered in on ABC after watching the promo for Sunday's "Extreme Home Makeover". I love that show. I love to see average GOOD people get something fabulous, and this Sunday's episode will be a HUGE tearjerker. They build a house for a lil girl with cancer, who can't return home until her home is safe for her. I cannot imagine the depth of pain I would feel if something happened to one of my kids. I love them more than I love breathing.....

So back to Micaela, she came downstairs and snuggled up in the recliner with me. Usually, Greg sits in the recliner while my lazy butt lies on the ENTIRE couch...but since he's at the Daytona 500 on a gig, I got his spot. So we're all snuggled up in the recliner and she tells me, "Mom, you know what?" and I stroke her hair and say "What, sweetie?" and she replies, "I'm real lucky that you're my momma."

Instantly, my heart is in my throat and tears fill my eyes. It is *I* who is lucky. My life is so full of blessings. Too many to count. I am LUCKY.

I love having a daughter.
I love being Micaela's mom.
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pa redneck chick said...

there is another show coming up like extreme home makeover, except that it has 3 people that get extreme a man that never could hug his kids(no arms) somehow gets to, and a girl with tourettes, gets help. it looks like a real emotional show too. sorry, i cant remember when or the name! duh..