Thursday, March 30, 2006

13 things I love to hear

Thirteen Sounds that I Love....

1. my kids' laughing their butts off.
2. Babies cooing.
3. gentle rain, as long as I am inside the house and not driving small frightened children through traffic.
4. The Star Spangled Banner (I ALWAYS CRY) or TAPS (which make me BAWL.....)
5. my husband's voice, singing, talking, complimenting me, whatever...
6. waves crashing against rocks.
7. Wind whistling leaves, rustling them gently.
8. GOOD Choirs singing
9. when my children yawn....sleepily, stretching.
10. my kids' singing when they think no one can hear them.
11. a flag being whipped in the breeze. Makes me stand straighter.
12. the timer on the oven, saying that cookies are DONE!
13. Three words - I LOVE YOU. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You know what? Laughter can be a pleasant sound sometimes too.

Linda said...

My favorite sounds are so much like yours...except the rain...'course, that could come from having so much of it here lately, lol!