Wednesday, March 29, 2006

anxious for summer

Took this last summer. It kind of embodies the fun that summer should have: simple, good clean family fun. Greg and the kids drew hopscotch grids on the street and jumped for what seemed like hours....They had so much fun. No matter how I tried, I (the mom) could not measure up to the fun factor of Dad.....

I am so looking forward to going to the Park, going downtown and doing the tourist thing in DC, going on a few long weekend vacations. (We have a pop-up camper that has seen 50% CONUS travel and we've got the stickers to prove it.....I'll snap that picture soon...) I am already planning next year's summer vacation to MINNESOTA. (Greg will get to fish and I will go to the Mall of the Americas---actually I just want to go Archiver's)......don't shake your head like I am crazy, my last out of state vacation was planned around King Arthur Flour bakery store in Norwich, Vermont!! If anyone has some intel about MN, pass it on, will ya?

Come on, summer....whatcha waitin' for? Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

I SO love those pictures! The kids look like they were having a blast!

And yes, Archivers is WELL worth the stop! I went to the one outside Atlanta...ah, what a STORE!

We are anxious for spring too...I just want consistent warmth (or something resembling it here in Germany!)