Friday, March 10, 2006

A bit sicker than we thought...

This is Greg...wanting to let all of Suzanne's friends and readers and those that pose as friends (snakes, but really entertaining snakes), that I took Suzanne into the emergency room this afternoon around 3:00pm. After a few hours and tests, it has been determined that Suzanne has Acute Appendicitis.

Tonight they'll be moving her from a smaller, local clinic to their larger medical facility where they will be performing an appendectomy later tonight. Luckily, they aren't approaching this as an emergency surgery.

Her spirits are high. She has her wool socks and a good book and frankly, I think she's looking forward to the rest. I do know she's in a lot less pain thanks to modern pharmaceuticals and she's looking forward to getting this annoyance resolved.

From her, thanks for your prayers-Greg

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