Wednesday, March 29, 2006

from Adam

We go outside to get the blue jeans off the clothes line... (and YES... I dry my jeans on a clothesline. If I win the lottery, I will buy another dryer. There is always a line for the dryer and the clothesline is FREE!)

Anyway.......we're headed outside (don't ask me why I brought the camera, but I did) and Adam is trucking it out there, packing three rockets in his pocket...

so being the cool mom that I am, I inquire....

Me: "Adam, why do you have three rockets in your pocket?"
Adam: "In case I need to jam, Mom."

don't know where that came from......he's out there, man......out there.
And does he not look adorable?
I could just squeeze him till it hurts, he's so darn cute!

My life is good, being Adam's mom. Posted by Picasa

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