Sunday, March 05, 2006


I'll admit.
I am seriously grumpy today.
Even though who love me would be challenged today.
You would think that's a T-Rex in the picture, but nope. It's me.....

1) I can't shake this sinus infection. I have this irrational fear it's some wicked brain tumor, and it's not really a running nose, it's brain fluid leaking out. ----I am not always a logical creature---but it's not NORMAL for sinuses to stay in such a painful state for SIX FREAKIN' WEEKS!! The days before I had my stroke was back when, I had sinus pain (which was REALLY TIA's) so sinus problems freak me out.

2) I have PINK EYE. I woke up with crusty painful eyes, after getting very little sleep between waiting on my husband to call (he never did) and Adam hogging the bed. They itch soooo bad. I am NOT looking forward to when ALL THREE KIDS GET IT....

3) The piles of dirty laundry have not disappeared yet. I was so sure I read that magic spell correctly on that website.....

4) The kids want to be fed, AGAIN....

5) missed church due to aforementioned sinus crap. (this is really not so bad because I ruined my only pair of pantyhose last week......but I would have liked to sit there and soak up God's word, and left strengthened and uplifted....)

6) did I mention that my darling husband STILL HAS NOT CALLED?

yes, I am seriously grumpy. If he were a smart man (which he is), he probably won't call, until this storm cloud known as bad sinuses passes over.

so my prescription for feelin' better:

1. pray without ceasing
2. drink copious amounts of hot tea
3. smile, just SMILE, and pretend my day doesn't totally suck. (it doesn't really, I am just WHINING!)

Okay, I promise when I post tonight, I'll be in a better mood. I might even crack open that bottle of wine that SGM Rock gave us last summer.

No, can't do that on sinus meds....Damn, the forces of evil sinuses are against me!! ARGH Posted by Picasa

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