Sunday, March 26, 2006

an icky day

yesterday started out sooooo nicely. Weather was nice. I got up and fixed not only blueberry muffins, but homemade tortillas to go with the hash brown and egg breakfast tacos.

Greg and I ran errands with the kidlets. We had a busy day. We were having company come over for dinner. Well, not fancy company, but it is my husband's SGM (that's Sergeant Major, for you non-military folk...) His name is also Greg just to confuse things. When they are together, I have to call one of them "Honey" (my Greg) and the other one is just straight up Greg.

Dinner went well. Steaks, marinated chicken, brats, hot dogs, two kinds of beans, sweet glazed carrots, and some other stuff....This was the first big meal I have cooked since my whole appendix thing happened. Takes a lot out of a girl to cook like this.....Well, dinner was fun. We have not had SGM over for dinner in almost a year. I love when he comes over: he brings WINE and good stuff. He is REALLY good at picking wines......He brings fun conversation, too. I can see why my husband enjoys working with him. He's a nice guy...

So the evening winds down after 10:30pm and the kids crash hard. I am thinking, "Forget vegging with the TV, I am going straight to bed...."

I was awoken up at 1:40am by a vomiting child. Adam was blearily stumbling on the stairs and made it all the way into my room, and puked beside my bed.....(This carpet is only 5 months old....) Poor thing, no kid likes to throw up, and no mom likes to clean it up. So for the next 5 1/2 hours, I do the "sick kid" deal. Running up the stairs every time he rolled over to throw up on the floor. Went through EVERY towel in the house in 5 hours....he can't even keep water down. (and why don't kids ever start puking at say, 2 in the AFTERNOON????)

I am not afraid of bodily fluids. Blood doesn't bother me. Diapers, no matter how toxic, are not so bad. But of my LEAST favorite things. I am a empathy puker. Just like no one cries alone around me, I always want to join in when someone starts puking...Just the sound of wretching gets to me....

At this moment, Adam is camped on my leather couch, with all of the freshly washed towels places stratergically around him, moaning.....and what is his mom doing? Blogging.....I can see him from here. He must be feeling better, he told me to leave him alone....

If you're the praying sort, please pray that Adam is able to keep something, anything down tonight. I would be sick for a week to spare him this....I would.

Here's hoping for a completely uneventful Sunday evening. I am planning on watching some of my Netflix movies....Choices: "Jarhead", "The Constant Gardener" and "A History of Violence". I am a Netflix junkie..... Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

Prayers going up for Adam...been there, done that, don't want the t-shirt, thank you!