Wednesday, March 08, 2006

it's good to be ME!

It's good to be today.
Well, it's good to be me MOST days......
but today, the mailman loved me!

My pal, Linda, in Germany sent me a FABULOUS Polish Pottery mug and SHE SENT ME CHOCOLATES!! (man, does she know how to make me happy!) And look at that ornament? Am I spoiled or what?

Plus I got a package from Amazon. com some homeschooling stuff for Micaela and Adam. Even though Micaela goes to public school, I make her do supplemental work at home. Adam is totally homeschooled. I want him in the best possible shape when he hits school......We have a REAL relaxed approach to homeschooling. I do worksheets, LOTS of reading, and gobs of practical information (which means field trips to the grocery store).....This summer we will be making REAL field trips to the Smithsonian. I can't wait.

Greg is SUPPOSED to get home today. Have not heard from him all day. Hope he's okay..... Posted by Picasa

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