Friday, March 17, 2006

more happy

An exhausting trip to Target today. But very productive. Got lots of goodies. Adam was very helpful and cooperative so he was rewarded with a new book for his LeapPad.

One guess what the book is about? Yep, dinosaurs. He's deeply fascinated with dinosaurs. We, as a family, have seen the Jurrasic Park 1&2 dvd's until we can recite the lines ourselves. I am waiting for #3 to come in....I am happy that he likes dinosaurs. I am going to try to take them to the Smithsonian to see the ginormous displays.

He likes dinosaurs more than Spidey. Now that is something.

(Note: Micaela's sight words are on the wall that separates our dining area and kitchen. It's not some funky decor choice. It's sight words, man! Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

I think Target should give you a reserved parking space, right out front...and your own personal entrance!

Adam looks VERY involved in the leap pad. Hannah has always loved hers (both the 1st Leap Pad and the big one, now).

I got a Spiderman spoon and fork for Scotty today...does Adam have those? Scotty thought they were cool!