Thursday, March 02, 2006

my latest haul

Just so you know.....I ordered this stuff BEFORE I promised myself that I would cut down on buying scrapbooking stuff! Did I tell you guys that I did that? I was re-organizing (again) my scrap space and I saw that I had duplicates of MANY things and I was becoming more of a collector, than an actual scrapbooker.....I mean, I gotta have it ALL! Who else is like that?? Come on, first step is admitting it!!

Anyway.....I did a pre-order on (which is my new favorite-I-can't-believe-I-lived-without-them site). This is stuff that is brand new from CHA in January...I fell in love with the rub-ons and HAD TO HAVE THEM! The ultracool ribbon on the right was a FREEBIE, as was the ultracool bracelet that they made me! The only thing that would have been better was getting free chocolate....

So it's Lent, and I am giving up BUYING scrap stuff for my 40 days. I am also starting a new book, "40 Days in God's presence" by Rebecca Barlow Jordan. It's a devotional encounter. I'll keep you posted how I like the book. If it's one of those where I can only read one chapter a day, I'll be in trouble. I am a voracious reader AND I am compulsive so I find it hard to wait until the next day....

Even though I am Lutheran now (Thank you Greg for bringing me back to the Lord!) I still give up something for Lent. So....what are YOUR favorite new scrap products and what are YOU giving up for Lent? (How's THAT for a big topic jump?)

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Linda said...

I am enthralled with the new Basic Grey lines right now...and I'm not giving anything up for lent...I never did as a kid either - just couldn't do it. So, instead of being shamed by not keeping "the promise", I just didn't make any promises!