Tuesday, March 21, 2006

my men

aren't they gorgeous.....?

Be still, my heart.... Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

okay - if I didn't think MY men were the best looking around, I'd jump onto these, LOL...you KNOW I am just kidding (about the jumping part...not the "mine are the best" part - LOL!!!)

Anonymous said...

can I just say that your husband is totally fine?

you are one lucky girl...how did you snag him?

Kathy Young said...

Ya didn't make out to bad in the men department, but I gudda say "I" have the best lookin men in the whole world. ALL the women go crazy over my DH's beautiful green eyes and my son inherited them as well--you should see the girls chase after him--he's 22. What a gorgeous smile he has too. Oh no...I'm NOT predjudice! LOL

Kathy in Maine
(Not to far from where your friend Linda is from)