Wednesday, March 29, 2006

my secret identity

Okay, I'll 'fess up.....
In my "off-hours" (from 3:27-3:30am), I am a SuperHero....and not just any SuperHero.

I am BatMommy.
(this is from a conversation that Adam and I had just this morning.)

Adam: "Uh....Mom?"
Me: "yes, sweetie?"
Adam: "do you have powers?"
Me: "Well, of course I do. I am THE MOM."
Adam: "But are you SUPER?"
Me: " the Incredibles?"
Adam: "Yep"
Me: "Well, I can't fly but as the Mom, I can do amazing things...."
Adam: "So where's your outfit? you need an outfit, Mom."

At this point, I realize he's right. So I head upstairs and empty the contents of his toy box (which is like 4 items because it's all on the floor (like Linda says: BOY DEBRIS) and I uncovered the BatMan mask. I wear it while heading down the stairs and greeted in my best SuperHero voice and told him I was ready for action.

Adam: "Ooooooooh, you're Super now, mom!"
Me: "I know...I am BatMommy!"
Adam: (very seriously, with one eyebrow raised, whispers) "don't tell anyone. You've have to do stuff."

so don't any of you 4 people reading my blog tell the world that I have powers.
As long as my little guy believes I have powers, I am safe..... Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

I'll never tell...I promise. As a mommy, I LOVE my superpowers...the power to heal and love a sick child, the power to make giggles appear where tears once were...the ability to compel a child to clean up and make it FUN!

Ah...mommy powers. And you know, I think you might have more than 4 people reading now, lol!