Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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29 awesome foods that you should eat!

I have not abandoned my healthy eating (even though I am not talking it).....In fact, I have this awful craving for steamed brocolli at this very moment......Lightly salted with a very small amount of butter. (don't yuo dare lecture me about putting unhealthy butter on my veggies, I use Smart Balance, so it's better than butter and I use it very sparingly and IT IS BETTER THAN CHEESE!)

Now I just need to exercise. Get my lazy butt movin'! I downloaded some workout music today on my trusty iTunes. God, I love my iPod....and I love my husband for buying me something so extravagent!!

Tonight's dinner: lean beef slices in BBQ sauce, with a baked Potatoes. (Greg likes toppings, I only like bacon bits and butter, I may have to cut out the BACON....I could eat my weght in bacon, you know.......)

okay enough about food, it's making me hungry.....Tonight is my night to go do something ALONE. I am headed to Target (I LOVE TARGET!) and then back to Wal-Mart (I forgot to get 2 boxes of envelopes for the 200 cards I made for a Band Unit stationed in Iraq...

:) off and runnin'....
(well, not running. Walking slowly, still recuperating, you know)


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Linda said...

no, no, no...you MUST stop at chick-fil-a! have a bite, in memory of me! Ooooh, envelopes...I should have asked for some...no biggie. I have enough to get me by (for now - and we should be back in the states by the time I need more).

Bacon comment - the center cut 30% less fat is a good deal (at least in Weight Watchers - 2 slices is one point!). Make your own bits and enjoy without too much guilt! I want that recipe for the beef in sauce.