Saturday, March 04, 2006

seized by an idea

Have you ever been TOTALLY
seized by an idea?

Like where it overtakes your every thought?

I was driving in the car, with the kids early today and Micaela was quizzing me if Jonathan was at my wedding. She LOVES to hearing two stories: how I married her daddy and the story of when she was born.

So I was telling her that yes, Jonathan was at my wedding. He gave me away. That is a story in itself. My father died in 1997, so I had no one to "give me away". Jonathan had been the only man in my life so it seemed fitting that he do the honor. It was the sweetest thing. I was nervous that he would babble or make some obscene gesture and ruin the solemnity of the event. We had talked about it for MONTHS, ever since setting the wedding date. We were not allowed to take photographs during the ceremony so this picture is THE ONLY PICTURE OF ME and JONATHAN BEFORE the wedding. He walked me down the aisle, pacing himself. When he passed me off at the altar, he snapped off a very crisp salute to Greg, who promptly returned it. The entire church went, "Aaaaaawwww.." I totally missed it. I was carefully navigating my 4 inch Chanel pumps up the carpeted stairs of the altar. But hearing the story repeated 3 billion times, I still get weepy, thinking about it.....

So I am all emotional and weepy now.....THAT is when the idea for a GREAT scrapbook page hit me. You'll just have to wait and see. I am going to TRY and finish it tonight. It depends on if I have the pictures printed that the page demands. If not, I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Adam got new church pants today at Wal-Mart (he's almost 4 and his wardrobe is WAY better than mine.) He says he HAS TO GO TO CHURCH so he can wear his new clothes...

Hope you're having a good night. I know my husband is. He's too busying partying (ha ha WORKING,,,,, yeah right!) in Basel, Switzerland to call. Did I mention it's Fasnacht (their version of Carnivale) there....? Yeah SURE, he's betcha! No, seriously, he had a TERRIBLE time just getting there, he was awake for over 40 hours, hopscotching the international skies, so I hope he's being smart and sleeping. (but who are we kidding? I KNOW HE'S HAVING FUN!! at least I hope he is.....Bring me home something wonderful, Honey!) Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

That is a beautiful picture of both of you...and I can't wait to see the layout!!! It's a great story, too.

I feel for Greg. Typical military travel plans. They wanted to send Scott via Nurnberg/Frankfurt/Netherlands/Paris/Philadelphia - which he will NEVER fly into again (long story). But he managed to get a more direct Nurnberg/Franfurt/DC flight...thank goodness. The military did that to me too: Pittsburgh/Atlanta/Paris/Nurnberg. With 2 kids and no hubby. I'm sure Greg's choosing sleep over partying (working). ;-)