Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I hate the sock basket. I do.
love the socks.
hate the basket.

After what amounts to several weeks of illness with little healthy time between makes for a HUGE sock basket. But I DID IT this morning. I put myself in "jail" (wouldn't allow myself to even check e-mail till it was done!!)

Come on summer!! (Summer=sandals-which means NO SOCKS!!)

Now....onto the after-sickness house decontamination. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are feeling better "Bat Mommy". I am happy to know that! If you know you are feeling sick again anytime soon, just turn on those Bat Mommy powers and irradicate those nasty little germs.

owlhaven said...

Yeah, socks are awful. My teens have rescued me from sock duty. (Just like I did with my mom as a teen!)

Mary, mom to many and sibling to many

Linda said...

ah, I just do the socks as they come along, it's easier that way. I have the white guys; they are from the white load, then there's the light guys in the light/bright, and the dark guys...well you get the idea. since I cram 5 loads of laundry into 3 baskets, I fold the entire basket as it comes...piling the socks and folding them all before I start the next basket. but I'm weird, I like folding socks... :P