Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thirteen Thursday

Totally Random, Not at all related Thirteen Things in my life

1. My dog snores. This wakes me up without fail. She is usually shooed out of the room at this point.

2. I don't like pedicures. Thankfully, neither does Greg.

3. My favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5. Always has been, always will be.

4. I sleep with socks on.

5. I am the luckiest girl in the world: handsome husband, beautiful kids, nice "stuff" in life. I AM LUCKY and I know it.

6. I think we should build a HUGE prison that prisoners can never leave. All child molesters, rapists and wife beaters go there. When it's full, we move up execution dates....(Hey I am not always sunny.)

7. I believe in miracles. They happen every day. Maybe not to me, but they're out there.

8. I dream vivid psychodelic dreams when I take cold meds. Like what they portray an acid trip on the movies.

9. I have seizures where I smell things that aren't really there. They don't hurt my brain. They're just annoying.

10. My husband and I have the same blood type. Very handy to have a donor so close!

11. My favorite color is navy blue, followed by black, followed by brown, followed by red. My least favorite colors are as follows: yellow and orange.

12. If I could spend a day doing anything I wanted to do, I would have someone drive my husband and I around so I could photograph us in all of the cool DC tourist spots.

13. I blog because I think everyone has a story to tell. I prefer to tell my story in photos, but words are handy, too. Posted by Picasa

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Scott B. said...

You need to add a 14th and I AM SHOCKED THAT YOU DON'T HAVE IT ON YOUR LIST!!!!!!!

You hate people smacking their gum. Now, let me tell you what kind of monster you created. Whenever I hear it, I always get really loud and in a loud voice yell, "Whats that sound!!?? It sounds like a cow chewing his cud!!!"