Wednesday, March 22, 2006

well, well, well.....

I woke up with Greg this morning, just so I could groggily say "Good morning". I like to do that. He works so hard, gets up when it's dark, comes home when it's dark. See a pattern here? This man works hard for his family....and we so appreciate it...

then I fall back asleep, hogging the whole bed to myself........and then the alarm clock goes off this morning at 6:45am, when I get Jonathan up. I go to his room with his morning meds, like usual. He was still sleeping and didn't want to get up. I can totally identify with that feeling, man!

So he finally drags his teenage self to the shower, where he fools around with everything in sight and wastes time....This forces me to nag him to get moving or he will miss the bus. There are no words that you could utter that are more explosive to him. Except maybe, "Jonathan, the world is out of french fries...."

So I nag him to get moving. Gentle nagging. More like reminding.

He looks right at me (which is a big deal, because kids with fragile x have marked difficulty with eye contact) he looks right at me and says this:

"I'll go when I want to. Leave me alone. Go away."

oooooooohhhhhhhh not a good idea. Trust me when I say that he caught the business end of my mother bear attitude this morning. After about 20 seconds of white-hot mad, I calmly told him that if he missed the bus, I WOULD HAVE TO DRIVE HIM TO SCHOOL (which is a punishment worse thean death). {This calmness was a direct result of having watched "SuperNanny" the other night....}

He looks at me and says "You're old and stupid."

Can't get mad for that. He's right. Compared to a 17 year old (even one with mental retardation and autism), I am old and stupid. But can't he wait until I have had my morning tea? Sheesh...

Well, he finally got dressed and was headed for the door, and then he floored me. He came into my room and APOLOGIZED. All was forgiven. I love that kid. He tests my patience. I am strengthened by God during many moments that I have to deal with him, but I love him.

Here's to a better day! The sun is shining, my laundry pile is smaller, and today is PICTURE DAY at Micaela's school..... Posted by Picasa

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