Wednesday, March 08, 2006

why I scrapbook

Let me just say,
at the BIG landmark event, I usually suck.
I have a few good birthday shots of them. First days of school, etc.....

But THIS is why I scrapbook.

I want Adam to REMEMBER that for his entire infancy and toddlerhood that we called him "the One Sock Wonder". He just felt more comfortable with one sock on! Go figure!

I want Jonathan to know how crazy he drove us with his first stereo,

I want Micaela to remember her first time roller skating.....

these memories, which by themselves might seem small and meaningless, but they are not. Woven together, they make up that thing we call childhood memories.

Like I still remember that one year my mom made me the cake shaped like a doll. I remember it like it just yesterday instead of 30 years ago.... (man do I sound OLD?)

But I want to leave my kids the little a "One Sock wonder" memory. Posted by Picasa

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kel said...

I just came across your blog after reading comments on Screaming Masses. I like the pic of one sock my son Braden will cover all up but has to have his feet completely uncovered at all times.