Thursday, March 16, 2006

wishes...and then some

Today I am pensive. Thoughtful. Pain does that to me, I guess. Makes you take stock of your life in a new light.

The constant dust bunnies that float around your smelly dog aren't as big a deal when something bigger, more important steals the show.

I am wistful. But still pensive. So I think of wishes....

If the world was mine, and I could wish for anything.....

I wish...

that I could carry old friends around in my pocket and pluck them out and hug them when I wanted to, so that they would always know that I love them.

for cupboards full of calorie-free Mini Reese's peanut butter cups.

that I would waltz through the doors at Target and they would know my name, and everything would be free. (I's a DREAM, guys!)

that Simple Scrapbooks would call me and say "Suzanne, we've heard that your scrap space, although functional, is rather dismal. Can we please build you a new one and fully stock it for you....please..pretty please...?"

that my kids would actually SEE their toys on the floors.


that people would actually get what they deserved. Both good and bad. (I only wish this occasionally due to the self-inflciting ramifications that it poses).

that I had a place and an occasion to wear my "Oh-my-did-you-steal-those?" 4 inch Red Chanel pumps..

that I could give my husband everything he wants....and more.

oh I I wish.

My reality is a good place.
I am healthy (healthier now without that damned offending appendix!), have LOTS of nice stuff in my cute lil house, filled with the too-loud laughter of my kids.

But still I wish. I don't wish to BE someone else. I like me. Whoa, that's powerful. I do though.
I like me. I like that my daughter wants to be a mom like her own.

so my wishes, for today, will stay tucked in my mind, and I will stay nestled in my warm and loving reality.

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Linda said...

I wish for all your wishes to come true.

I wish for constant love, health, happiness, patience.

I wish to see God someday...well, that's not really a wish, it's a desire - that I know will happen.

SB said...

BTW-I have everything I want and more...

The Husband