Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chellenge LO 040406

Day Four.
It could NOT be any more BASIC than this.
Photo, paper, and a few letters..

But this was the 2nd version. The first one was ornate, fancy and had TONS of doo-dads on it. (remember: part of my challenge is to STEP OUT of my comfort zone of undertstated scrapping)....but then I couldn't do it and here's why.

Jonathan is my oldest child. He'll be 18 this summer. He's taller than me, eats more than my husband and is an all-around good kid. Jonathan has fragile x syndrome (of which I am a carrier) and he's mentally retarded and autistic as a result. He has the IQ of a 4 to 6 year old....He'll be child-like for as long as he lives. He's basic, plain and not fancy at all. This is a kid with NO PRETENSES. What you see is truly what you get. He's pure and simple, literally and figuratively.

So I threw away the first version and stayed true to him, the subject and the content.
Sometimes less is so much more.

CS: Stampin' Up Brilliant Blue (which my scanner still think is purple...what is up with that?),
also a smidgen of white and black cardstock for the mattes
font: Quickutz STUDIO letters (love them!)

no frills. not fancy. Just Jonathan.

(The saying comes from my father, who taught Jonathan how to say it like Popeye "I is what I is, and I ain't what I ain't..." I decided to be grammatically correct though)

Tonight is MY NIGHT (I get Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8pm to scrap BY MYSELF) so I'll be adding some more pages today....HOOAH! Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

I think it's beautiful. Sometimes the understated makes a BIG statement.

Tina said...

Sometimes the most basic layouts have the most powerful messages. I love the simplicity of this, it speaks volumes.