Friday, April 21, 2006

flowers for YOU

you husband often wonders WHY I blog...does anyone else read it...does anyone else CARE about the mindless minutiae that is my LIFE?

Well, I blog because it's akin to TALKING. Since I am a homemaker with young kids, my opportunities for socialization are few and far between, so this is like socializing to me. In a virtual sense.....So when I get comments on my blog, it makes feel so happy, that someone else is reading this. That someone else cares enough to plod through my blabbering writing style....

I wish I were more sociable. I wish I had a tight circle of friends here locally that I could sit at their kitchen table and drink a cup of hot tea with, that our kids could play together. I don't have until then, I have I'm giving you flowers today. (I am cheap, they're from my garden but hey it's the thought that counts).

I am hoping tonight to complete the remodeling/re-arranging of my scrap space. I want to start on my Scripture tag album. I am doing something new for May. Since it's MOTHER'S DAY (on May 14th, don't forget....) I am doing an album for my mom as a gift. I feel safe revealing this here because NO ONE in my family reads my blog. I am going to dig up pictures from my whole life and pick a bible passage for each picture and put it on a tag to go beside the picture.

Very simple approach.... and then I'll give it to my mom at the end of May. If I am REALLY good, I might be able to finish it while she's HERE (May 2-8th) I KNOW I should have started like LAST MONTH, so I could actually give it it her for Mother's Day...but hey, I am flying her to DC. I am going to BEG her to make my childhood favorite foods while she's here, things that only my momma knows how to make.....I am going to BEG her to teach me the REAL way to make homemade tamales..(my husband loves mexican food, it's why he married me).I can't wait till my mom gets here!

Anyhow, enjoy the virtual flowers from my garden. Thanks for the comments (which my heart views as "fan mail"......) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful flowers, you know! Thank you for the virtual gift. Though I'm relatively new to your blog it made me feel good regardless. I really do enjoy your blog! Have a great weekend!


Linda said...

Thank you for the wonderful flowers...I can almost smell them, and they are beautiful. They will stay in my window (till I turn off the computer, lol).

I wish we were close enough to sit and drink tea, let our kids play together and scrapbook/stamp, too. Ah, but we'll have at least part of that, if we can work it out, right?

I'm glad I'm your friend, and I'm glad you're my friend!!!