Friday, April 14, 2006

holy week/Good Friday

I have been so selfish.
So wrapped up in me, me, ME
when I should have been focusing on the Holy Week.

There's so much to say but I won't say it.
My faith is important to me and so personal, I don't share it like I should.
God is working on me though...

Today is Good Friday.
The day that Jesus hung on a cross and died for me.
For our sins.
So that we could live in Him forever.

Tonight, I'll be singing "How Vast the Love" in our church choir.
(yep, you read right....ME singing. two words you never thought you'd see in the same sentence)
It's an amazing song, and we have a cello part. Cello music makes me bawl like a baby. As if the words weren't enough? I will be fighting not to cry as I lift my voice to the Lord.

So many things to say. God knows what's in my heart.

(Picture is from the cross that is our sanctuary at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) Posted by Picasa


CarrieB said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder. I needed to hear it. Happy Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to you and your family!

Linda said...

AMAZING reminder - I am SO thankful for that cross...I think of a song I sang a lot at SCCC in Augusta:

Amazing sweet the sound
Amazing Love, now pouring down
From hands and feet, that were nailed to a tree
His LOVE comes down and covers me.
That I stand under His cross every day and be covered in the the blood He shed for me...I try to remember this all the time.

Oh - and if you've never heard it - find "Arise My Love" by Newsong and REALLY listen to the words...makes my hair stand on end every time I hear it (and I have it on my computer!!!)

Anonymous said...

God bless you and yours! Happy Easter!