Sunday, April 30, 2006

I am soooooo spoiled


My beloved Cricut!

Even though I ordered from QVC, that one won't be here until June 5th and I just cannot wait. I simply CANNOT. I am not known for my patience (just as my kids after I've asked them to clean their rooms!)

So I called my local Michael's and talked the manager into giving me HALF OFF of the Cricut and he agreed. So of course I ZOOMED up there before he sobered up and picked it with a few of the accessories (2 more cutting mats and another cartrudge). Now I will have to have all of the cartridges....yes, ALL of them.

I cannot even remove the Cricut from its box and give it its due until the kids are in bed. It's KILLING me, people.....

I am chanting in my head (patience, Suzanne, patience......)

:) It's been a good day (and not just because I bought an expensive scrap item.....) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You know what? You are seriously spoiled!


Linda said...

Lucky you! Lucky YOU!!! I won't ever be able to get any fun toys...waaaah!