Saturday, April 08, 2006


This boy is mine!
he's just the cutest thing I've ever seen...Just had to share with you guys...(did you notice the Spiderman sticker....? He's like Seinfeld with the SuperMan in every episode...)
It's been a great (tiring) Saturday. It's 445pm and I already have pajama pants pathetic it that? Greg and I had FIVE KID FREE HOURS today. Respite care rocks! It was nice, sitting at a meal in a place where the kids would refuse to eat anything, having a conversation that didn't involve, "Stop that." or my favorite "don't make me...." Oh, it was sooo nice....
but we're back to normal. Kids watching Noggin, trying to think of something for dinner and the laundry....damn the laundry....
Okay, I am off to create a fine meal then go do my Challenge scrapbook page. (I picked up Simple Scrapbook's Celebrations 2" while at Wal-Mart....INSPIRATION!) Posted by Picasa

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