Monday, April 24, 2006


Micaela is doing her best to prove that yes, carrots can kill you. I have adopted a "Zero Tolerance/Tough Love" approach towards mealtime. I am sick of whining kids who won't eat anything (except crackaroni or some sort of chicken nugget)..

NO MORE! The nugget train stops here!

Last night, she ate beef stew....and she didn't keel over. You'd swear she was going to though.
It's like death on a stick to her....but we told her that she won't grow unless she eats the right foods (as in vegetables) and now she's worried....

Today, I am printing off an online coloring books called "Vegetables are GOOD!" for them to color....

Hey, at least it's just carrots. I swear, I will NEVER make my kids eat brussel sprouts. Now those will kill ya.... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Amen to never serving brussel sprouts! That is pure death from a plant! I've seen that same pain on my own children's faces before. Short of having to cram the adverse food into their mouths, their obstinance can be astonishing sometimes.


Linda said...

Hannah will make her self puke before she eats anything. Did I tell you the chocolate story? Remind me to share that one someday!

At least Hannah will eat carrots...and tomatoes and lettuce (she will eat "naked" salads, lol). Corn must be beans have "strings" and are a no-no...and don't even TRY spinach or anything else!