Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Suzanne needs......

got this from a fellow blogger and I literally cried laughing so hard...You just go to and type in YOUR FIRST NAME followed by the word "needs" see what it spits out....

It was spot on for me.....good for a giggle.....

Suzanne needs to know about the group
Suzanne needs to make changes
Suzanne needs to approve (yes, I am a control freak)
Suzanne who needs our immediate help
Suzanne needs a Buddy
Suzanne needs a babysitter (YES, YES, YES!!!)
Suzanne needs a history lesson
Suzanne wants to go eat dinner (always!)
Suzanne needs her own iPod (got this one taken care of)
Suzanne needs to work on her aim
Suzanne needs you healthy (yes, I want all of you healthy so you cannot give me your germs, it's true.....)

Some of the "Suzanne needs" were raunchy, so I did not include those...

Now, I am outta here. American Idol is coming on and my blanket is already on the couch, awaiting me.....Now why won't the kids GO TO BED???

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Baraness said...

ahaha! I typed in "Suzanne needs" and received your blog. I am another Suzanne in lonely Los Angeles.

Suzanne said...

I did the same as the blogger above. A friend did the "---- needs", so I did it too! So Funny!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

too funny .... I'm another Suzanne doing the '..... needs' things. Although my #1 answer was "Suzanne needs a new gynecologist, and Mary Jo recommends her ex-husband Ted" - how strange!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! I'm another Suzanne doing the "Suzanne needs..." thing and this was the first result on Google!

Suzanne said...

Me too! Sounds like this little project is making the rounds again after a couple of years!