Sunday, April 23, 2006

very cool quote and a blog referral

I am a blog hog. Just ask my darling husband....I LOVE to read other people's blogs. It is like peering into their hearts and seeing the best stuff.....(I really do try and steet clear of the freaky sites).

One of my fave places to stop for wisdom, laughter and so much more is
I have a great deal of respect for this woman's energy (she has TWELVE children) and her values (she's not afraid to discuss her walk with God, I love that!) and she's go read her blog if you're so inclined. I intend to go see her speak on May 3rd at an area church. My mom will be visiting and I hope to take her with me...

Here's a quote from one of Barbara's post and it struck a chord with me.....

As Michael Reagan, Jr. says:

There are three kinds of people:
Those who make things happen,
Those who wait for things to happen,
And those who wonder "What happened?" Posted by Picasa


WordyDave said...

Yes, there are some of us who infrequent your blog to catch up on your experiences. You're a great writer and encourager.

But you're way overboard when it comes to that hobby --- is it scraping, or scropping or what?

Linda said...

I am going to be bookmarking blogs like that. Like you, I've become a bloghog...I have 34 currently bookmarked, most which I read daily. There are a few that I read from time to time. Since not everyone posts daily, it's REALLY not as bad as it seems...but if everyone has posted a new entry on the same day, it can take a few hours to read. Of those blogs, I have 6 that are personal friends (one is my sister!). The rest are just blogs I've found or been recommended to me. Scary....

And Wordydave - it's SCRAPPING...a total addiction, lol! Suzanne doesn't go overboard - she's just like the rest of us cropping, scrapping crazy folks!

Anonymous said...

I too really love your blog! Your scrapping entries are fantastic as well!