Thursday, April 20, 2006

You might be a scrapaddict:
-if a sick day means scrap day
-if you organize your embellishments for fun
-if you shop for food based on what would make a great late-night scrap snack
-if you carry your camera everywhere (even when there’s little chance of a photo opp)
-if your dream weekend plans include sitting at a desk with a rainbow of papers spread before you and a bowl of Reese's PB cups
-if you’re a regular on the chat boards
-if you buy your kids outfits based on color schemes you’ve been dying to use in your pages
-if you have a file of torn magazine inspiration
-if your husband put you on a scrapbooking budget
-if your LSS owner knows you by name....(duh!)

So how did you discover you were a scrapaddict? Posted by Picasa

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