Wednesday, May 17, 2006

4 years ago.....

4 years ago today, I fell in love....again.

Adam Scott Balvanz was born at 0840 on May 17th of 2002.
He was my medium sized baby at 8#7oz.
He was so sweet as a baby, never really fussy like his sister.
He was quiet, studying everyone. It wasn't until much later that we figured out he was extremely tongue tied and aurgery would be needed.

He has green eyes, just like his daddy.
His smile could light up anyone.
He loves to leaugh,
He is the KING of Expressions! Jack Nicholson ain't got nothin; on my boy!

he's impish, sneaky and full of mischief.
he loves to hug and kiss you apart.
he can usually convince me "just one more cookie, Mom....."

He's my baby, and always will be.
Today, he is FOUR! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam! He's a good looking boy! I'll bet you are a proud mother.