Monday, May 29, 2006

comments and responses

On this blog, I get some comments. Most nice, some weird and some just plain nosey.....
I like when people comment. It's like fan mail (silly, I know).

I got one today from "Anonymous", who is my most frequent commenter....

"It's great you have a new outlook on your eating habits but let me tell you girl, your heart is already in danger the way you keep hatin' on your sisters. I'd be mad if you said that about me. "

First, I was not "hating on my sisters". Second, you oh Anonymous One, know very little (only a tiny publishable bit and MY side of the story, which is undoubtedly biased) of my family dynamics. My family is pretty screwy. I like to say that we put the fun in dysfunctional. I don't HATE them. In fact, I don't feel much of anything. I distanced myself from that a long, long time ago. It all came to the surface when my mom visited but it's okay. I have never had a very close relationship with any of my sisters (I have three, all older..) Thirdly, I didn't say anything rude or untrue in my post. It's accurate: all of my sisters are heavy and diabetic. True. Genetics is a real bitch, and believe me, we got some bad genetics in my family...and frankly, I don't much care if they get mad at me. Makes no difference in how I live my life. I just don't want to end up like that someday. So I am doing something about it now while I can.

I actually pray for my sisters (and my brother). I used to wish for them to like me. I used to hope that I could be a person that would appeal to them. I was so pathetic then...Really. But then I grew up and got past that. I miss something that I never really had. Sad, but true...I have one sister whose two children have the same genetic disorder mine do (Fragile x syndrome), when her kids were diagnosed, I thought "Okay, maybe this will bring us closer." It was not to be.

I am not a mean person.
Not spiteful.
Not "hating on my sisters".
Not at all.
I was just being truthful.
I just don't want to end up with their health issues.
This blog is about ME and my life.
Not about them.
It just so happens that I mentioned them in this post.

Weird though, I get LOTS of comments and mail when I write about my family.
Lots of mail from women just like me who had similar family experiences....

So Anonymous, I was not being hateful. Just truthful. Posted by Picasa


Christy said...

It's too bad this person isn't "man" enough or "woman" enough to leave their name. I'm working on losing weight too. I joined Weight Watchers last yr and lost 40 lbs, since moving to Germany I've gained most of that back. I have recommitted myself to losing that weight and getting healthy. I want to be healthy for me, for my husband, and my children and live to see my grandchildren.
My family is also over run in diabete's. My dad's father died from complications of the disease, although he was a tall and very slender man...weight has a huge amount to do with it and I personally do not want to have to check my sugars so many times a day for the rest of my life. I don't want to have a heart attack because of my weight etc, or cancer, or the many other health risks being overweight gives you.

I see nothing in your posts, of you bashing your sisters or anyone for that matter. I only see that you don't want to physically be in their position.

God Bless

Paulette said...

Hi there, I am Scotts mom. I just wanted to introduce myself. FYI, I am trying the weight watchers thing too, and I too come from a dysfunctional family. My kids think they have a dysfunctional family but working where I do I think we are more like the Clevers everyday. I have tried this blogging thing, and not good at it mostly cause everything I say is blah blah blah anyway. I do have a myspace, just family, no friends, like I said I am not too good at the blogging thing. I just wanted to say Hello,,,,,HELLO!!!

Anonymous said...

What a huge load of crap. Your blog is aptly named - Just a Bunch of Nothin'. I don't know you or your family, but I bet your family has a different side to all of your "dysfunctional" stories. All it takes is reading through the muck of your archives to see that you pity yourself so much, and you throw blame on everyone but yourself. Don't worry about my reading this drivel again, and no, I'm not going to leave my name because my name doesn't matter. What matters is how you spend so much time trying to get others to feel sorry for you. It worked - I do feel sorry for you, but not the way you want people to feel for you.

Linda said...

Anonymous, you suck...grow a pair and sign your name...better yet, post your blog so that others can come and say nasty things and make presumptions and assumptions. You don't know this person...but I'll bet you do and are hiding behind that anonymity...grow up, too, while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I have been reading your blog for a while now. I am also a military wife and we live in Australia.

The first thing I thought was that Anonymous probably does know you and is hiding behind that.

Anonymous - you need to grow up!! This is not your blog and the writer has every right to say what ever they like on here.

I think this blog is great & I don't see any hating going on here.

Tash said...

Why did my post above not publish my name? - Tash