Tuesday, May 30, 2006

drumroll please

Part of my scrap space.....

This is the Cricut Station. I got the table FOR FREE at the local thorft store after no one would buy it for months on end. (it was wobby but I corrected that). Underneath the desk are the wire cubes that hold my 12x12 paper. Since I switched to 8.5x11, I don't have that much 12x12 paper any more...(it's all relative though)....

But on the table rests my Cricut. I love that lil bugger. It's so versatile.
And yes, I do own all of the cartridges. Well, not all of them....just the ones I wanted.
Since I sell scrap crap on Ebay, it's a "business" investment.....(yeah right!!)

If you don't own a Cricut, you can come over and use mine (for a nominal fee, NOT!)

Behind my Cricut are the gobs of ink pads (All 48 Stampin' Up colors with inkers) that I have to Ebay. I never use them and they're just taking up space. Some stamper could really use them (and they could give me money). Plus that custom made stamp pad holder is so cool.

Then part of my hanging ribbon collection. Looked all over for a ribbon storage solution. After seeing the cost of some storage options ($50 to hold my $0.50 ribbon?? NO! not even me, the Princess Scrapper.....I am not that spoiled) I ended up with a dowel rod and some clippies and zip strips. Total cost of ribbon storage was $0.35. That rocks! Posted by Picasa

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Christy said...

I admit it, I'm GREEN. I tell you I'm GREEN with Envy! LOL
Ok not too green, but you have an awesome scraping station! Ok explain to me exactly what the cricut does. I've seen it in tons of my scrapbooking magazines, but since I'm pretty well brand new to this, I need to know! LOL