Monday, May 01, 2006


It's May 1st.
The whole month stretched out gloriously in front of me. Like it's just bursting with God's promise, you know? Even though I am seriously nocturnal, I LOVE to watch the sun come up. So this morning, afte my husband left for work at 0530, my cup of hot tea and my camera sat on the deck and waited for the show. I even left my iPod indoors! I wanted to enjoy the solitude of the moment.....

In fact, this will probably be the last peaceful moment for the next 2 weeks. Greg leaves tomorrow for HAWAII (poor baby) for a businss trip andd my mom arrives tomorrow. Two things about this are unusual.

1) Greg and I have not been apart that long EVER during our marriage. I'm gonna miss him like crazy.

2) I have not seen my mom in over 6 years. She's never met Micaela or Adam. I will take lots of pictures, for certain.

So say a prayer that all goes well. That my husband has a good tri[ (how can he not!) and that my mom still likes me.....

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