Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day fun

Bought the kids' a sprinkler.
They had a BLAST!
Micaela is even over the fact that her new swimsuit has STILL not come from LL Bean.
The sprinkler was a lifesaver on a very hot day. I think it was 95 or 97. VERY warm...
It took Adam, who is generally Mr. Fearless, a while to actually run through the water. After the fun was over, Greg instructed him to go get out of his swim trunks. Adam promptly came back outside, with no swim trunks on, and wanted to try the sprinkler "nekkid"....This kid is so silly!
It was a good day.
Now, it's Monday and back to reality. I have BIG goals this week. Get packages mailed out to friends. Mop the kitchen floor. Clean the bathroom. And go see "X-Men 3" with Jonathan. I am taking him on Thursday night. Just he and I, some individual time for him. It's better to go with him on a weeknight so it's not so crowded.
Speaking of movies, the next movie in my Netflix queue is "Narnia"...I have heard so many great things about this movie. We missed it at the theaters. My friend, Scott, declared it a "must-see".....So I'll be watching that this week at home with the kids. I love Netflix. Since it's not possible for Greg and I to go out (no babysitter), we like to watch a bunch of movies. Plus I am a foriegn film buff. My favorite are Spanish (of course). I can watch any movie with Gael Garcia Bernal in it.....he's a good actor. Quirky movies but some of them have been really good.
Oh well, Jonathan is up now....My peace and quiet is over..

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Anonymous said...

I saw the X-Men movie this weekend. It was very good! Your friend is also right; The Chronicles of Narnia is a "must see". I know what you mean about hot too. It was 100+ degrees everyday where I was this last weekend--sunburn city!


Christy said...

Ok forget Netflix with Narnia, just go buy it! Seriously!! I'm not one to recommend people buy movies that often without watching them...this is one you'd be safe and happy you did though! It's WONDERFUL! They played it on post here, twice and I took my oldest to see it, just the two of us...it was a Sunday evening. Then that following Thursday it played and we went and saw it again, and I took my youngest with us! They love it! The day it came out on DVD my husband was home for R&R and he bought it, because of how much I and the boys raved about it! It's an awesome movie!

Anonymous said...

OK Christy, my name is Sandra. I don't see how that helps you determine if I am more of a woman. I just think it;s rude to talk about your sisters ina way that makes them look bad. Why not say diabetes runs in my family? I see Suzanne you changed it to "heavy". But if this blog is really about you and you dont care about sis why make them look bad to make yourself feel better? That is my point. I get mad at my sister all the time but that's between me and her. Stick to taking pictures of your pretty kids.