Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my fave Hawaii picture so far

Before Greg left for Hawaii, we watched the National Geographic documentary on Pearl Harbor. It was fascinating.

It made me realize two things: it was much worse than I ever knew and it was that generation's 9-11.....The film was 1.5 hours long and well worth watching again. The stories, the men, the courage. I cried watching those men, now old and bent with age, recount how they watched their buddies burn alive or drown. Their eyes filling with tears as the memories washed over them, as if it had just happened yesterday.

So when Greg sent me THIS picture of a Pearl Harbor survivor at the Memorial. I cried all over again.

No one knows what that man saw.
Did he watch his best friend die?
Did he sustain injuries that would change his life?
I can't help but wonder.

It's all very humbling. Makes me very proud that my husband's Unit is there to honor these men. Greg, if you're reading this, GREAT picture..... Posted by Picasa


Christy said...

Beautiful picture, it speaks volumes. I had a great uncle who was a POW of the Japanese for at least a yr...he refused to talk about anything he experienced. One thing he did tell, was that he was sitting on a hill when they attacked Pearl Harbor and said he couldn't even move from the shock, and he said somehow he ended up down there in all the craziness of it all.

The things of war that many of us (even spouces) will never know, will always weigh heavy on their hearts.

Anonymous said...

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