Saturday, May 13, 2006

my Saturday

We had a busy day today. Doing a lot of nothin'....

We went into Winchester, which is a city about 25 miles from home.
I live in a town. Winchester is an actual CITY. They have a Super Wal-Mart, a Target and a Chili's among many other things... We cruised the Dollar Store, found some scrappy stuff. (We're starting the kids on their father's Day gifts now so it doesn't sneak up on us).

Adam was out of sorts all day.
Hungry and then didn't want to eat.
Clingy but didn't want to be held.
Bored and didn't want to do anything....

We ate lunch at Golden Corral. There are NO SKINNY PEOPLE at Golden Corral. Not a one. 85% of their clientele must be obese....I ate sensibly, I did. Nothing but fruit and one of those icky but yummy rolls.....Sitting next to a woman who sat on TWO chairs ruined any thought I had of fried chicken.....

Then on the way home, Adam starts SCREAMING. I mean "shake the windows screaming"....Luckily, Jonathan didn't come unglued at the same time so we got home and Adam cried for another hour. Finally I got him calmed enough to ask him what hurt and he said it was his face. We narrowed it down to his left ear. Until 5 minutes ago he was doped up and asleep on the couch but is awake again, crying....

Thankfully, I got two new movies in from Netflix (chick flicks that I can watch without my husband) because I know I will be awake a good portion of the night, holding a whimpering child...and of course, all moms know that he will only be able to sleep in the position most uncomfortable for me.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Micaela has offered to "do my hair (ya know, Mom, like Barbie)" for me...I am afraid...but hey, it's all an adventure. She and I are going to have a kids only tea party and hair-do show...I promise to take pictures....(I didn't promise to share!)

Less than 48 hours until my husband comes home..... Posted by Picasa

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