Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my space

Everyone has a place they like to go to relax. For me, it's right here. Lost amid the junk on my scrap desk. Surrounded by paper of all colors. With my magazines and idea books within reach. It's where I can take a deep breath. And occasionally, I actually make a scrapbook page!

Have not been down here but once in the past month. Made the page you see lying there on the right. Have not time to blink much less scrap. But this weekend, Greg will take the kids camping and I will scrap by myself....YEE HAW!!

SO I am getting this space cleaned in antipication of this specatular event!

Quiz: How many QVC product do you see?
How many Target products do you see?
can anyone see the desk?

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Yellow Mama said...

Wow, you have a super area to scrapbook. I started years ago but have been off more than on. Enjoy your time to yourself!

Anonymous said...

I saw "your space" and immediately wished I could be in it! What an amazing collection!