Monday, May 01, 2006

nice quote

"Don't worry about tomorrow.
God is already there."

Greg leaves tomorrow and my mom arrives. Full of activity and I am hopeful.
Say a prayer for me, you guys...

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Linda said...

prayers constantly going up for you my will do fine without Greg for 2 weeks (hey, I survived a month without Scott!), and your mom will love you.

Letter to Suzanne's mom:

This is the child you brought to life:

an AMAZING Christian woman
a great example of womanhood for her daughter
a terrific mother for her sons
a loving, caring wife for her husband
a trustworthy friend
a sister-in-arms (as a scrapping/stamping, Christian Army Officer Bandmaster wife)
a woman who lives life to the fullest, giving thanks every day for what she has
a daughter who loves you


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your friend Linda sounds like a true FRIEND! I also said a prayer for you. I trully hope your visit with your mother goes great!